Third Generation Gravesians

The Wisdom of Prof. Clare W. Graves (1914-1986), Applied

Volume 1:  Innovative Development: Emerging Worldviews and Systems Change.

What can be done with large systems when approached with the Gravesian and SDi perspectives?  The following 20 chapters are reports from the field that answer that question. 

Chapter Information

  1. SDi In The Integral City
    1. The Future Of Cities   
    2. Marilyn Hamilton
  2. Using SDi To Create New Organizations
    1. A New Factory In Mexico    
    2. Bruce Gibb  
  3. Solonic Practice: Standing On The Other Side Of The Line      
    1. Designing A Soccer Training Business - Children To Professionals           
    2. Christopher and Sheila Cooke
  4. The Arab Memome Project: Designing For The 21st Century 
    1. The Arab Renaissance - Middle East
    2. Elza Maalouf
  5. Human Needs:  Disability And Community
    1. Long Term Care 
    2. Dennis Harkins
  6. Citizen Driven Community And Nation Building
    1. Citizen Input In Recreating Iceland
    2. Bjarni S. Jonsson
  7. Commerce: A Spiral Evolution of Traders & Merchants Towards Entrepreneurs
    1. Traders, Merchants And Enterpreneurs
    2. Barbara Brown
  8. SDi  In The University Classroom 
    1. University Level SDi Education
    2. Alberto Vargas
  9. SDi Meshworks: How Diverse Stakeholders Transform Complex Challenges
    1. Productive Engagement In Rural Afghanistan
    2. Fred Krawchuk
  10. SDi And Spirituality: A Perspective From The Ministry          
    1. Pastoral Care    
    2. Jim Lockard
  11. SDi And Money        
    1. Money, Finance And Capitalism
    2. Said Dawlabani
  12. The Memetics Of Business & Organizations   
    1. Business And Organisations     
    2. Jon Freeman
  13. Social And Cultural Influences On Organizational Change:  The Practical Role of Memeplexes
    1. Memeplexes   
    2. John Cook   
  14. Rumi's Garden - The Best Place For School Development?    
    1. SDi and Schools       
    2. Armin Sieber  
  15. Our Community Got Back Its Soul     
    1. Empowering The Impoverished
    2. Leida Schuringer 
  16. Ego, Money, Empire: Mastering the Worldly Vehicles         
    1. Currency         
    2. Jordan MacLeod 
  17. Technology And Innovation:  An SDi Analysis And Recommendations         
    1. Technology And Innovation           
    2. Barbara Brown
  18. SDi In Organizations:  Experiences In Mexico
    1. SDi In Mexico 
    2. Robert Bonilla Nunez
  19. Flourishing Through Coherence: Meshworking Multi-Stakeholders    
    1. Meshworking  
    2. Anne-Marie Voorhoeve 
  20. Revaluing Purple, Red, Blue   
    1. Revaluing junior vMemes     
    2. Jasper Rienstra


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