Third Generation Gravesians

The Wisdom of Prof. Clare W. Graves (1914-1986), Applied

Tom C. Offerings

Gravesian Education: Tom C. has decades of experience teaching, speaking and leading workshops.  If you have a need for Gravesian education, or wish to discuss options for individual or organizational education, please contact Tom C.

  • Tom C. is an expert, entertaining and experienced, educator, committed to his audience learning the Gravesian and SDi concepts and their inter-relationships.  He is not a facilitator, nor a guide to organizational change.  "What is Graves about?"  Ask Tom C.  "Who can help me apply Graves to my situation?"  Tom C. will refer you to the proper expert to address your situation. 

Gravesian Events:  If you have a need for several SDi experts to present at a special event, please contact Tom C. for assistance in bringing these experts together.

Gravesian Consults: If you would like assistance in determining which Third Generation Gravesian would be best for your situation, please contact Tom C. for assistance.

Gravesian Assessments: There are several sources for standardized Gravesian assessments.  Contact Tom C. for assistance in finding these services. 

Tom C. Schedule

Contact Tom C. for an update on availability.

Tom C. General History

  • Roots: Tom C. was born in Stoughton, Wisconsin, USA, in August of 1947.  Dad was a handsome, western European, successful agribusinessman. Mom is a Norwegian daughter of Norwegian parents, and was born on syttende mai, in Norwegian Central, Stoughton, Wisconsin. "Ye comer fra Stoughton!" She still works her three acres of lawn and garden, at 91 years of age.  Tom C. grew up in the little agricultural county seat of Lafayette County, Darlington WI, along with about 2300 other residents, right on the shores of the hardly ever mighty, Pecatonica River. 
  • Education and Career: Tom C. spent time at Luther College, Decorah Iowa; University of Rhode Island, Alameda Junior College, University of California, Berkeley, several years in the Art Department at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, finally receiving his B.A., Philosophy, 1975, and his M.A. South Asian Studies, 1976, from the UW.  He returned to a Ph.D. program at UW-Madison in 1979, passed his Counseling Psychology prelim exams 1981, and then left the program to learn about money within a real estate investment brokerage company.  He has been an investment real estate broker and adviser since 1981. 
  • Transconventional Education: Over the years Tom C. has had the freedom to engage his curiosity addiction and this has led to personal training with Swami Rama, Fernando Florez, Frank Fools Crow, Alice Treadway, Don Deitrich, Don Beck, and trainings in Self-Realization Fellowship, Rosicrucians, Raja Yoga, Landmark Education, the Hoffman Quadrinity Process and years of study within the Madison Integrals collective.  During his years of Ph.D. research he studied psychic healers to learn the extent the mind has to influence the course of change in physical reality.  Also during this time he served as the first Hospice Counselor in the UW-Madison Hospitals.  
  • Vol 2 Chapter Genesis: In the fall of 2010 he taught an experiential, 600 level course at UW-Madison, "Multi-Perspectival Thinking: Operating with all windows open."  It was in this course that the rudiments of his chapter in Vol 2 here, were articulated. 
  • Educator Role Foregrounded on This Site: Tom C. considers himself an educator, artist, businessman and curiosity addict.  His Ph.D. minor was in Educational Psychology, in order to learn how people learn, and has used this learning and what he has developed subsequently to steadily enhance his skills in facilitating the "educare" process in those curious about the work of Clare W. Graves. 


Tom C. Graves History

  • Since 2003, Tom C. has made the pilgrimage to Dallas, Texas, USA, at least 5 times for Dr. Don Beck's, 3-5 day SDi Training Confabs. At the last two trainings he was a presenter.  
  • Tom C. has written several articles refining the Gravesian concepts (see below), has taught the concepts in both single and multiple session trainings, and has been a stimulating presence, as most of those attending are, in the long running, town-gown group, Madison Integrals, at UW-Madison.  
  • He co lead an Introduction to SDi, 2 day workshop with Don Beck, in Madison, WI, 2008.  
  • He was accepted at UW-Madison, to teach a 3 credit course, Fall of 2010, "Multi-Perspectival Thinking: Operating with all windows open."  This group of adult learners experimented with localizing each vMeme level and eventually emerged what all concluded was 2nd Tier cognition within the group.  Tom C. went on from this experience to further clarify and articulate the unique nature of 2nd Tier cognition.  
  • In 2013, he was in a discussion with Integral Publishers principal, Russ Volkmann, noting that information about Grave's theory was readily available.  However, little was available about the actual application of Graves work.  Russ commented, "Why don't you put that book together."  Tom C. accepted the challenge, and that led to this website and the two volumes of "Graves Applied" that it promotes. 




Tom C.'s paintings are a meditation exercise in their creation. In their intent re the viewer they are experiments in creating a mind that sees levels where they are not physically present.  He considers it a step in maturity when a mind can move from seeing flat surfaces, to seeing dimensions, levels, in the same image. "Perhaps giving a mind the experience of moving from flat vision to levels vision will make it easier for that possibility to emerge in the future."  In the world of Art History, his work is in the long tradition of optical illusion.  A contextualization of his work is available here




Tom C. also works in a gestural style.  These are more lyrical, playful, and emerged out of a therapy tool he created called "Scribble Talk", where a feeling is centered in, and a quick gesture is generated, influenced by that feeling. Then an inquiry is held into what is in the drawing/picture.  This distancing from "self" permits a more free inquiry and can often lead to insights into previously undisclosed psycho-dynamics.  The images here are done purely for the enjoyment of the process.

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