Third Generation Gravesians

The Wisdom of Prof. Clare W. Graves (1914-1986), Applied

Third Generation Gravesians #1

Welcome to the world of Third Generation Gravesians.  I expect most of these posts will have to do with questions or comments that I receive about content in the two volumes promoted here.  But those books are not available yet, and you are here.  Thank you for finding this site.  I'll do my best to make your arrival worth your time here.  

For starters, let me share with you how the authors found their way into these books.  I accepted the invite to put together a collection of case studies showing how the work of Professor Clare W. Graves was actually being put to use.  I alerted my global network of, what we fondly refer to mostly in private as, Spiral Wizards.  These are folk who are messing with existence with the intent of fostering emergence, setting up conditions that make it likely for what is next to show up.  This is a natural task to develop when one is looking at a subject area in terms of General Systems Theory.  

Systemic change is often experienced as either a devolution into a prior steady state that entails less information, less complexity, or an evolution into a new steady state that entails new information, greater complexity.  The Gravesian model predicts that the complexity that emerges at 2nd Tier, the 7th steady state level, is necessary in order for humanity to become artful, and sustainably successful, in its efforts to care for itself.  Thus it behooves us Wizards to foster emergence in individuals, with the vision of ever greater numbers waking up into 2nd Tier.  Its how us Wizards care for ourselves, humanity, and frankly, all of life forms.  

So, I asked my network of Spiral Wizards for Gravesian case studies. Thirty three of them responded with their stories.  These folk are from many places in the world, Canada, Iceland, Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico, the U.S.A., and speak from experiences as far and wide as Afghanistan, Malawi, Serbia, Pennsylvania and Reykjavik. They are professors, facilitators, consultants, planners, counselors, therapists, researchers, and one eclectic Realtor.  All of these folk are very comfortable with highly complex cognition, live in the world of dynamic steering, have hearts full of connections with life, are willing to stand on the edge of the known and cross beyond in order to facilitate the emergence of what no none can yet see. They have all been an absolute heart warming delight to work with.  I hope you enjoy their stories. 

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