Third Generation Gravesians

The Wisdom of Prof. Clare W. Graves (1914-1986), Applied

Short Update - The Books!

Both books are now available.  On this site, click PURCHASE at the top of page and you will arrive on my Amazon Affiliate site where our new books and other Graves related publications can be purchased.   Please send your friends here to purchase the books.  Amazon will return a small commission for sales thru this site, money that will be used to further promote the authors here.  

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New Book: I just added a new Gravesian Title from Chile to the Links and Docs and PURCHASE.  This is a Gravesian perspective on the history of Chile: Fernandez, Daniel.  Reyes, Pablo. La Nueva Elite: la Transicion Evolutiva de la Sociedad Chilena. (2014) Catalonia, Ltda, Santiago de Chile.


What's up?!

Russ Volkmann of Integral Publishers has just informed me that the books are somewhere in the Amazon and other distribution not the jungle this quickly!  It will take 1-2 weeks for them to appear FOR SALE.  When they do I will post the link to purchase them here.  Of course you can alert Amazon you are waiting for a book, and they will notify you when they can fulfill your order.  

The Mists of India

Of course I have no idea what content might bring you and yours here often and be rewarding to all.  So, I will be experimenting until a reliable trajectory emerges.  I'll put images in later posts, once I learn how.

The Graves perspective reminds us that context, Life Conditions, impact the nature of cognition.   Upon my return from India in 2007,  I wrote up a travelogue.  At that time I still had access to the Purple oriented cognition that being immersed in South Indian culture fostered in me. Now, years later, re-reading the story surprises me, "I really thought that all that was really going on?"  I can't fully reenact the cognition that made this story seem totally real to me at that time.

This is how cognition works.  When in one frame of mind, other frames of mind appear as if in error somehow.  This is what the mind does. It makes our present state of cognition the right, proper, correct, and others the opposite.  For much of the maturation trajectory humans have no control over what frame of mind emerges.

A mind with a 2nd Tier vMeme active will NOT be dominated by this cognitive mechanism.  All perspectives will be seen as having value in their specific context.   This is Multi-Perspectival Cognition in action. 


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