Third Generation Gravesians

The Wisdom of Prof. Clare W. Graves (1914-1986), Applied

Prof. Clare W. Graves - Instructional Material

I will be building this section as I find or am delivered links for places to begin learning Graves theory.  Most of what you will find is material framed in terms of the 1996 Beck and Cowan book, Spiral Dynamics; mastering values, leadership, and change released by Blackwell Publishing, Oxford, UK. 

Agerbeck, Brandy PDF Illustration of Levels of Existence, l page with additional level descriptors. 

Bye, Kent.  A flikr album of a broad range of Gravesian Instruction Graphics. 

Christensen, Tom .  Introduction and Tutorial for Graves' Theory of Human Emergence.

Clarken, Dr. Rodney H . Toward a Unifying Worldview: Reconciling Differences

Graves, Professor Clare W. Levels of Existence: an Open System Theory of Values ($30 to download from Journal of Humanistic Psychology, 1970; 10: 131)

Graves, Professor Clare W.  "The Emergent, Cyclical, Double-Helix Model of the Adult Human Biopsychosocial Systems: Summary Statement".   20 May, 1981. Boston, MA, USA.

Hudnut, David.    strategy+business. "Leaps in Perspective"  September 30, 2015.  Short, business management intro to Graves.


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